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  • NPUSC E-Learning Remainder of Week 3/29/21

    Dear NPUSC Families and Staff, Due to continued concerns with the post-vaccination impact on NPUSC employees, as well as some additional quarantine situations among staff, all NPUSC schools K-12 will be on E-learning for the remainder of this week.  …Read more

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  • March 29th Letter to Parents

    Dear NPUSC Families & Staff,  This letter is a proactive communication to explain the situation NPUSC will be working with the week of March 29th.  NPUSC will be working to vaccinate, or complete the vaccination process, of over 150 employees for COVID-19 on March 29th.  The vaccination program is two-fold through the government’s recent push to vaccinate educators.  […]

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  • NPUSC 2nd Semester Attendance Plan

    NPUSC Families and Staff, NPUSC has been working on updates to our second semester Attendance Plan after reviewing the latest guidance from the Indiana State Health Department, reviewing academic data, December survey data, and discussions internally.  Included in this email is a summary of our new Attendance Plan to begin February 1st, 2021. Attached is […]

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