New Prairie High School


Our mission at NPHS is to ensure high levels of learning for ALL students.

Welcome to New Prairie High School! High School is an opportunity for students to explore career options, discover talents and grow as an individual. This is a time to discover your strengths and take advantage of the opportunities available in and out of the classroom. We have a variety of AP, Dual Credit, PLTW and Exploratory courses to discover your talents. Also, we have a large variety of clubs and athletic teams to develop and highlight your interests and talent.

The Culture of Excellence at New Prairie High School is a strong tradition. It is an exciting time in our corporation with our academic opportunities, athletic and extracurricular activities, as well as, a renovation. Together, we collaborate to meet the needs of all our students as they discover their talents, gain new skills and build strong relationships to have the tools to “go grab their slice of the good life” beyond high school! Our school is a PLC (professional learning community) with collaboration time built in for our teachers.

We have the opportunities, great staff and rigor in place; we challenge YOU, as a student, to take advantage of what NPHS has to offer.

Make it a great day and make good choices!


November 29th 5pm & 6:30pm

Varsity/Jr. Varsity Girls Basketball

November 29th 5pm

Swimming & Diving

December 1st 3:30pm

Movie Night for Elementary Afterschool Clubs

December 1st 5pm

Swimming & Diving

December 2nd 5 & 6:30pm

Varsity/Jr. Varsity Boys Basketball

December 3rd 10am

Swimming & Diving

December 3rd 5:30pm & 7pm

Varsity/Jr. Varsity Boys Basketball

December 10th 9am-12pm

Santa's Workshop