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  • New Prairie USC Welcomes Dir of Finance

    NPUSC announces the hiring of James Holifield to be the Director of Finance for the school system.

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  • NPUSC Flex Days

    Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, New Prairie United School Corporation will implement a virtual “eLearning” initiative for all students throughout the district.

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    Welcome to the New Prairie United School Corporation Website. Your interest in the NPUSC is welcomed and appreciated. All functions of our school corporation are driven by a “Culture of Excellence” expectation as we strive daily to effectively serve the students, families, and various stakeholders of our school community.

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    The College Board has named New Prairie United School Corporation to the Advanced Placement (AP) District Honor Roll.

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Early Release Days


Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),

            During the 2016-2017 school year, the New Prairie United School Corporation will be participating in early release days.  Our goal with the afternoon early release days is to be able to provide our teaching staff with professional development opportunities to better support our students within the educational setting.  Many schools in our area and throughout the state participate in a similar concept and NPUSC is excited to pilot this professional development model during this school year.   The Indiana Department of Education allows each school a specific amount of instructional minutes that may be allocated for early release times and this varies between secondary and elementary schools.   Below is additional information regarding these early release days.

What days will the students be dismissed early in the afternoon?

Tuesday, November 1st
Tuesday, December 6th
Tuesday, January 17th
Tuesday, February 7th
Tuesday, March 21st

What time will each school release students during these specific days?

Olive Elementary              12:15 pm
NP Middle School            12:40 pm
NP High School                12:45 pm
Prairie View Elem.           1:40 pm
Rolling Prairie Elem.        1:40 pm

Will transportation be impacted on early release days?

Yes, the buses will be taking students home at the early release times and afternoon drop off times will be adjusted.  If your student normally rides the bus after school, this letter has an attached form with the transportation details regarding the specific afternoon drop off time on the early release days. You may also contact Bruce Lasley at the transportation department at (574) 654-7373 if you have any additional questions.

Will the after school 21st Century Club still be operating on early release days? 

Yes, the 21st Century after school program (Bobcat Club, Bulldog Club, Tiger Time, and the MS after school club) will be operating for K-8th grade students but will be begin at the earlier release time at each school.  The end time and drop off location time for each one of these clubs will remain the same. There will still be a snack given to each student and we will provide a couple of additional breaks to accommodate the longer amount of time the students are there.  If you would prefer for your child not to attend club that day, please let your building site coordinator know.

Will there still be the YMCA Latchkey Program on early release days?

Yes, the Latchkey Program will still operate as usual on the early release days. However, the afternoon times will be adjusted to drop students off at Rolling Prairie at the early release times listed above.  The end time of the program will remain the same.  If you have any questions regarding the Latchkey Program on those days, please contact Ben Fout at (219) 608-3266 and he will be able to answer any additional questions.

Will other after school activities still take place on the early release days?

Yes, all after school activities such as band, academic clubs, sports, etc. will still take place at the normal after school times. If a coach or a sponsor is not a certified teacher, they may adjust their times for that day for students to participate at the early release times.  You may contact your student’s coach or sponsor for any additional questions.

If you have any questions regarding these early release days, you may contact your building principal or Carrie Cannon, Director of Curriculum at (574) 654-7273.


NPUSC Weather Decision Guidelines


The following guidelines are used by the NPUSC Superintendent and Transportation Director regarding daily decisions to attend school at regular time, on two hour delay, or to cancel school.  A team of local volunteers from all areas of the school district advise and report to the Superintendent and Transportation Director on weather/road conditions to assist in the weather decision process.

Any weather decision will be made by 5:05 am central time (school time) due to the number of buses NPUSC uses, with the first bus leaving daily at 5:05 am CST. (NPUSC is one of the five largest school districts in Indiana by land area)

The team strives to make their final determination by 5:00 a.m. Team members rise early to contact sources and travel roads before reporting their findings. Once a determination is made, communication of any delay or cancellation begins via automated phone messaging, texts, website postings, and media contacts.  While there are no easy or black and white rules to follow when making decisions regarding delays and cancellations, the following guidelines are considered:
  • Snow Accumulations/Predictions-Anything over 5-6 inches of snow is of concern or less if ice is involved; The timing of when snow is predicted to fall impacts school start/end times and decisions on delays, cancellations, or early dismissals.
  • Road Conditions & Snow Plow Progress Reports of both town or county roads and NPUSC parking lots
  • Conditions effecting visibility (either snow fall or fog) - anything less than one half mile (0.5 mile) of visibility creates concern in the decision process.  Any area Dense Fog Advisory in combination with one half mile or less of visibility is cause for concern
  • Temperature- minus 5 degrees actual or wind chill is cause for concern for delay consideration
  • Feasibility of starting buses in cold or inclement weather
  • NPUSC Philosophy - if any area of NPUSC has weather conditions warranting delay or cancellation, all NPUSC schools are treated the same and all NPUSC schools will be delayed or cancelled.  Given the land area of NPUSC within two counties, a situation with one area of NPUSC having conditions warranting a delay and another area having better conditions is possible.
Finally, as a reminder for the 2016-2017 school year per the NPUSC School Calendar, the 4th and 5th school cancellation days of this school year will be made up through E-Learning instruction from home during the school cancellation day.

Visibility and road conditions are important when making decisions on snow delays or cancellations. Predicting when snow will start or stop is challenging and conditions vary within our own school district. Our team is committed to erring on the side of caution while also balancing the reality that severe weather conditions are likely during our winters. 

In the event that you are uncomfortable sending your student to school because of weather conditions you can keep your student at home until such time that you believe the conditions are favorable for safe travel.   

We hope this information helps clarify the guidelines NPUSC considers when making weather decisions.

Paul White

NPUSC Superintendent 


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