New Prairie United School Corporation

Vision/Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Vision Statement

Olive Elementary School, in partnership with our community, provides a caring and secure environment. A professional and dedicated instructional team organizes student-centered classrooms using current technology and differentiated strategies. The students are engaged in learning and individual interests and abilities are met.

Mission Statement

The mission of Olive Elementary School is to create a learning community that provides each child academic success, as evidenced by achievement of state and national standards and learning goals. While fostering a passion for learning, our school cultivates positive character traits that are vital for becoming productive citizens in an ever-changing world. Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share a continuous commitment to school improvement and are responsible for advancing Olive’s school mission.

Guiding Principles

In pursuit of excellence in education, we embrace the following:

Education is a lifelong learning process involving committed individuals, families, school, and community.

It is important to understand that high expectations yield high results.

It is important that best efforts be employed to provide students with curriculum and strategies that provide opportunity for educational growth appropriate to different learning styles and academic needs.

It is important to model and teach positive character traits, expecting students to project responsible and respectful citizenship.

It is important to appropriately employ technology in a way that enhances the presentation, reception, and creation of educational content.

It is important to evaluate outcomes and take corrective actions to improve the quality of learning.

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