About Our School

VISION  At Prairie View, our vision blends high expectations, actively involved parents, effective, creative teachers, collaborative school/community efforts, and confident, successful children.

MISSION  The mission of the Prairie View Elementary School is to ensure a safe, caring, enjoyable learning community which provides a challenging curriculum that links varied student-centered opportunities for demonstrating competency by applying basic and advanced skills, creative thinking, participation in life skills, and developing positive, life-long habits and attitudes towards learning in their world.


  • Staff and parents need to collaborate and participate together for the child to be successful.
  • Teachers need to use up-to-date best practices in the classrooms.
  • Staff and parents must model life skills and students must participate in life skills to create a better world.
  • Staff and parents need to work diligently at assisting students to develop their highest levels of academic, social and emotional growth.
  • Students need to have a safe, orderly, caring and congenial climate at school in order to achieve their potential.
  • Students must reach the Indiana state standards (or beyond them) inorder for adequate academic growth to occur.
  • Students need opportunities to think and work critically and creatively.
  • Students need to be active participators in the learning process and develop their skills across curricular areas.
  • Students can benefit academically, socially, and emotionally through experiences available to them in extra-curricular activities.