The New Prairie United School Corporation’s mission is to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

The Corporation recognizes that we have many high-achieving students. Some high-achieving students may meet nationally recognized criteria for high ability identification. These students, from all racial, ethnic and social economic groups, perform at, or have the potential of performing at, outstanding levels of accomplishments in one or more academic area when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment. These students may show high ability or potential in math and/or language arts. NPUSC recognizes that in order to ensure high levels of learning for all students, it must identify high ability or the potential for high ability in its students using ability and achievement measures, and it must continue to develop their identified areas of talent.

NPUSC employees will use best practices in gifted education to modify the core curriculum for these students in order to meet their academic, emotional, and social needs. The core curriculum for high ability students may be modified using compacting and acceleration so it is at an appropriate pace. The core curriculum for high ability students may be modified using extentions, enrichment, problem solving activities, open-ended activities, exposure to advanced content, creative thinking activities, and higher order questioning in order to provide appropriate challenge. The core curriculum may also be modified to include in-depth learning of topics in order to allow students to pursue possible areas of interest. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities enrich and extend the curriculum and allow for students to pursue special areas of interest.

NPUSC is committed to providing instructional staff training and resources that will enhance the learning process for its high ability students.

As the High Ability Coordinator, I work as the liaison between all stakeholders in order to meet the needs of our high ability students. Documents relating to NPUSC’s High Ability Program can be found to the right. For further information, you can contact me at: or 574-654-0448.

Barbara Papai

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High Ability Links

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High Ability Documents

Appeal Request Form
Appeal Request Form – Spanish
Characteristics of High Ability
Exit Request Form
New Student Application for HA Placement
Nomination Form
Nomination Form – Spanish
Program Information


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