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Prairie View Elementary School

New Prairie definitely knows the importance of heart screenings for our youth (see the chart below).  Please keep promoting this to our community.  Also- heart screenings are not a one-and-done deal.  As youth grow and develop, problems can arise, but you do not know if you do not look.  Some recommend a screening every 2-3 years, some recommend every year. Go to https://zacmagofoundation.org/sign-up-for-a-screening to register your student.

Appointments are available for April and May.  This changes frequently as appointments are canceled and other spots are filled.

Ages 10-25 are eligible; screenings involve an EKG and an Echo; $20.

The screening done at NP in 2016 involved only an EKG.  Now the screenings include an EKG AND Echo.  The Echo is a screening tool that can detect the conditions that both Jake and Mark had.

The risk is real.  The solution is simple. Get screened!
Please share with family, friends, coaches, co-workers, etc.

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