Education/Attendance Format

At this time NPUSC will be returning to school on August 13th on the 50% Attendance Hybrid option.  At present, our plan is to start school on this option through Labor Day, with the hope to return to full 100% Attendance on Tuesday, Sept. 8th.  This plan is being chosen to maximize social distancing, exercise as much caution as possible, but begin in-person instruction.

The regional COVID situation will be constantly monitored and this plan is subject to change.

The plan for the first two days of school is as follows:

Thursday, August 13th     A through L in Alphabet will attend

Friday, August 14th.          M through Z in Alphabet will attend

*Some Elementary Classrooms may require the assignment of different attendance days to balance 50% Attendance days.  Principals will contact affected families

*Blended families will be contacted by building principals to determine day of attendance

*Students will be given follow up work during their in-person attendance day that will be completed during “Practice at Home Days” the next week

Beginning Monday, August 17th

*A-L in the alphabet will attend Monday and Wednesday

*A-L in the alphabet will “Practice Learning at Home” Tuesday & Thursday with Zoom support

*M-Z in the alphabet will attend Tuesday and Thursday

*M-Z in the alphabet will “Practice Learning at Home” Monday & Wednesday with Zoom support

*Zoom support for students Practicing at Home at the Elementary level will be provided by instructional assistants; at the secondary level Zoom support may be provided by teachers during their prep period.  Teachers may rotate who is available for Zoom support on given days of the week

*Blended families will be contacted by building staff to determine day of attendance

*Late Start Wednesday will not occur in the 50% Attendance Option as these weekly teacher collaboration meetings will occur Fridays before E-Learning begins

Practice at Home Days

NPUSC teacher focus will largely be on students at school with in-person attendance.  When students are not involved with in-person attendance, they will be practicing at home on skills or content learned at school the previous day OR engaging in content as an introduction that a teacher will follow up on to check for understanding at the next in-person attendance day.  Students practicing at home may be given times by their teacher they can receive video conferencing support through platforms such as Zoom for follow up questions.  Attendance will be taken through Schoology (grades 5-12) and Google Classroom (grades K-4) on practice at home days and assignments will be due during the next in-person day of attendance.

 E-Learning Days on Fridays in the 50% Attendance Option

Fridays will be E-Learning Days for students K-12 beginning Friday August 21st, August 28th, and Sept. 4th.  Assignments will be due during the next in-person day of attendance.

Note-Assignments will be graded at full value for all E-Learning Days for the 2020-2021 school year to foster accountability.  E-Learning work and Practice at Home Work will be counted-graded the same as in-person work throughout the school year.

Students can expect more Zoom support and interaction from their teachers on a Friday E-Learning day.  Weekly teacher collaboration meetings, that normally happen on Wednesday Late Start Days, would occur on Friday at 7 am.  The academic day (E-Learning assignments posted or RTI Follow Up) for students would begin at the following times:

NPHS – 8 am CST

NPMS – 8 am CST

Olive – 8:30 am CST

Prairie View – 8:30 am CST

Rolling Prairie – 8:30 am CST

 **If NPUSC ends up using E-Learning or Practice at Home days (50% Attendance) for a longer time due to the COVID pandemic, grading will not be adjusted and semester grade calculations will be handled as normal.  NPUSC will not be adjusting or lowering the value of work, as we did in the spring of 2020, due to extended E-Learning.  Students will be held equally accountable for their learning no matter the learning format in the 20-21 school year.

 Please take note of the outlined list of instructional and grading expectations at 50% Attendance & E-Learning at the end of this document.

 Masks Expectations

NPUSC will be expecting masks to be worn by all students and staff during all in-person instruction situations, including 50% Attendance where social distancing is maximized.  Face coverings should cover the nose and mouth.  Also, face coverings should not have holes. This decision has been made to do everything possible to keep students and staff as safe as possible while in-person instruction is occurring.  This decision has also been made in consultation with local/regional health care professionals and follows both LaPorte and St. Joseph County ordinances on masks in public, along with the Governor’s Executive Order.

Students are encouraged to bring their own mask with them to School. NPUSC will provide a reusable cloth mask for each student. In the event, the student forgets their mask or the one they bring becomes damaged or unsanitary, NPUSC will provide disposable masks.

NPUSC plans to make this expectation a part of our dress code for 2020-2021.  However, teachers and administration will be pro-active in handling this expectation.  Students will be taught face-covering helps/protects others, talked to individually, and provided masks by the school if needed.  Students are highly encouraged to bring their own mask they are comfortable with that meets the guidelines above.  Parents will always be contacted if a concern exists or before any discipline is taken.  Also, any discipline will be minor in nature, will not happen before other pro-active steps have been exhausted, and will not involve suspensions unless other circumstances such as bullying or extreme disrespect is involved.  The virtual option might be a better choice for this school year if following the mask expectation is not something a family can agree to.

NPUSC will be working with students to apply common sense to this expectation, work in reasonable breaks in the classroom at times, and students will not wear masks while eating or exercising.  In consultation with medical professionals, we have been advised a good time for a break from a mask in the classroom is when students are working quietly and independently.  Masks should be on when engaged in a lesson with their teacher, talking, or moving around the room.  Teachers will have also discretion as to how to work in mask breaks.  Students at the K-2 level will be worked with even more carefully while implementing this expectation.

 **Students may also be eligible for a medical exemption from this expectation with current medical documentation that states the student will not be able to wear a mask due to a condition.  The medical documentation must include the following and be presented to the building principal:

  1. The students specific pre-existing medical condition
  2. Doctor statement and signature excusing the mask expectation due to the condition
  3. Duration of time the documentation is valid

Face Shields-these options may be used instead of a face mask.  However, it is important to note that to be effective and meet the expectation the shield must curve around the face and extend down to the neck below the chin.  Many face shields do not provide this extent of coverage and will allow air droplets to escape into the air.  NPUSC may also require a mask to be worn if concern exists that the shield does not provide adequate coverage.

Virtual Option

NPUSC will be providing a virtual option for families not comfortable sending their students back to school.  This option will only be available for the 20-21 school year due to the COVID pandemic.  NPUSC has no plans to offer a virtual option beyond the COVID pandemic.  Edmentum online curriculum will be used for this option K-12.  A comprehensive guide to this option, plus enrollment form, is available in a separate document that was released to families July 28th and is available on the NPUSC website at  Students will have until August 10th to sign up for this option.  NPUSC will be incurring all costs associated with this option.  Families will simply pay normal book/iPad rental fees.  Due to the cost for the option, a student must commit to at least one full semester when choosing the virtual option.  Finally, extra-curricular activities will not be available for students on this option.

NPUSC Bus Transportation

NPUSC will continue to provide bus transportation.  Masks will be required of all students using bus transportation to and from school as a precaution.  You will be receiving a communication in early August from our Transportation Department with approximate bus pick-up times this school year at 100% Attendance and 50% Attendance.  We have also developed a “double route” option to maximize social distancing, though we do not plan to use this option at this time.  Buses will be disinfected daily by NPUSC staff after usage.  Also, assigned seats will be required on all NPUSC bus routes.

Note- NPUSC will not be dropping students off at the New Carlisle Public Library.

The New Carlisle Public library is not allowing students to meet or congregate there after school due to COVID concerns.

NPUSC Athletics & Extra-Curricular Activities

At this time NPUSC plans to proceed with athletics and ECAs as allowed by state and regional associations.  NPUSC will constantly monitor this situation and implement phase-in protocols established by organizations such as the Indiana High School Athletic Association.  As a general philosophy, NPUSC believes these activities are voluntary and participants assume risk in participation.  NPUSC may require a signed waiver of liability as a requirement of participation.  Much consideration is also being given to student/staff safety as well.  It is possible some contests and events may not be able to occur due to the COVID situation in other geographic areas.  It is also possible participants and spectators may be limited at games and events to maximize social distancing.

NPUSC Food/Nutritional Services

NPUSC has planned multiple protocols to provide meals as safely as possible.  Meals and service lines will be provided through socially distanced lines.  Eating areas will be social distanced (often using both cafeteria, gym, and hallway spaces) and disinfected after usage.  Meals will be given to students in “to-go” shells to reduce food handling.  Students will also have the option to sign-up for meals to take home with them for Practice at Home or E-Learning days on the 50% Attendance Option.

Finally, for increased safety, the Nutritional Services Department will no longer give change to students or staff that use cash to pay for items purchased from the cafeteria, or deposit money into their meal account.  Any change due will be deposited into their meal account.

NPUSC Nutritional Services has sent a separate email communication with more information about this option.

NPUSC Health Services

NPUSC will be adopting guidelines from the CDC and Indiana Department of Health related to addressing COVID-19.  Included in this communication are pertinent documents that will be resources used from the Indiana Department of Health.  COVID related metrics that would assist in a decision on which school attendance option is best at the time or how to address a classroom or smaller group with a positive case are currently being developed in collaboration with the LaPorte County Health Department.

NPUSC Custodial Services

NPUSC recognizes the necessity to provide outstanding, above & beyond cleaning service during this time.  NPUSC will be disinfecting, or deep cleaning all classroom surfaces (desks, floors including carpet, windows, walls, upholstery) nightly, not a few days a week as previously announced.  Given the rotating nature of the 50% Attendance option, the only way to ensure the cleanest or safest environment possible for all students/staff is to fully sanitize all areas nightly.  NPUSC has also invested in machines that will fog or mist disinfect larger areas.  Custodial staff will be on hand during the school day to disinfect areas such as the cafeterias or eating areas immediately after usage.  Finally, teachers will be outfitted with hand-held spray bottle disinfectant and towels that can be used to disinfect used classroom surfaces throughout the day.  We also plan to ask students to help teachers wipe down used surfaces in the classroom after they are sprayed with disinfectant so they are part of taking care of others.

Instructional/Grading Expectations at 50% Attendance

  • Students at home will practice skills learned in-person the previous day or read/interact with introductions to content that will be taught and followed up on by the teacher during the next in-person instructional day
  • New content should largely be introduced during in-person instruction.  New content introduced during practice days at home will be followed up on during in-person classroom days to check for understanding
  • Students learning at home at the secondary level may have the opportunity to ask questions of teachers in a Zoom format during prep periods.  This can work like “office hours” and teachers in a department or subject may rotate who is available
  • Students learning at home at the elementary level will have support from instructional assistants through Zoom platforms
  • Students will be held accountable for work to be completed on practice days at home
  • Work assigned for practice at home will be due at the next day of in-person attendance
  • Attendance will be taken on practice at home days through Schoology/Google Classroom through a one click system TBD through technology submission
  • Elementary will initially focus on essential standards in ELA & Math, along with procedures and expectations that impact all learning outcomes if early in the school year
  • If safety allows, work day will take place at assigned school as much as possible during an E-Learning week to foster teacher collaboration

Draft Instructional/Grading Expectations in E-Learning Format due to COVID

  • Students will be held accountable for all work during E-Learning formats; grading will occur at full credit and semester calculations will not be adjusted.  E-Learning assignments and in-person assignments will be counted the same and will all be included in semester grade calculations
  • Teachers will include some real time interaction throughout a week through platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet at least once a week at the secondary level
  • Teachers will include some real time interaction throughout a week through platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet multiple times per week at the elementary level
  • Teacher work day will be defined as a normal school day; while teachers should be available for questions from families, it is not expected that these communications are answered after work hours.  Teachers should be allowed 24 hours to respond to family questions and concerns






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