Weather Cancellation Review 01/25/2023

NPUSC Families and Staff,

This is a review of where we are with the NPUSC School Calendar for the current 2022-2023 school year.  Summary highlights are listed below:

  • The weather cancellation on 11/18/22 will be made up on the built-in make up day 2/20/23.
  • The weather cancellation today (1/25/23) will be made up on the built-in make up day 3/20/23.
  • Beginning 1/26/23, the next five school cancellations, IF they occur, will result in an e-learning day on that day.  Students will participate in live virtual instruction with their teachers on a modified schedule.  Each school has planned a virtual schedule for this situation.  Contact your NPUSC school for more information.
  • Any cancellations after five live virtual instruction days occur would be made up in-person as additions to the school calendar in late May or June 2023.

The current NPUSC School Calendar, as well as the future 2023-2024 calendar, can be found at the NPUSC website under the Info-Calendars tab.

Feel free to contact my office if you have any questions.

Paul White, PhD

NPUSC Superintendent