Justin Heinold named New Prairie High School Principal

NPUSC Press Release-Justin Heinold named New Prairie High School Principal

The NPUSC School Board of Trustees unanimously voted this evening to appoint Mr. Justin Heinold as Principal at New Prairie High School. Mr. Heinold began his career as a successful secondary level science teacher, including teaching science at Southport High School in the Indianapolis area from 2012 to 2017.

Mr. Heinold was a 2006 graduate of LaPorte High School and was Valedictorian of his graduating class. Mr. Heinold holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Indianapolis and a master’s degree in school administration from Ball State University. Mr Heinold started his administrative career at New Prairie from 2017-2021 as Assistant Principal at New Prairie Middle School. For the past two years, Mr. Heinold has served as the principal at Prairie View Elementary in New Prairie. Mr. Heinold has become known for his infectious positive attitude, attention to student learning, and ability to collaborate with all stakeholders to find positive results for students.

Mr. Heinold stated about the opportunity to become the next New Prairie High School principal, “I am thrilled and humbled to be serving as the next Principal of New Prairie High School! Having served in the district for the past six years, I already know that I am joining a school with an excellent tradition, and we will continue to work together to serve the students and the families of the community to the best of our abilities.”

Mr. Heinold received a two-year contract and will begin serving as Principal at New Prairie High School in July 2023.