A Culture of Excellence

Welcome to the New Prairie United School Corporation Website. Your interest in the NPUSC is welcomed and appreciated. All functions of our school corporation are driven by a “Culture of Excellence” expectation as we strive daily to effectively serve the students, families, and various stakeholders of our school community. We are also proud of our standing as a high – performing district.
Our students learn from a highly – dedicated instructional staff which is supported by effective technology tools. This learning climate provides the students of the NPUSC with an enhanced opportunity to reach their highest level of potential and ultimately prepare themselves to serve society as productive citizens. This exceptional learning environment is also bolstered by a strong force of support personnel whose objective is to maintain the cleanliness, infrastructure, and safety of the NPUSC. Our entire corporation staff is focused and driven by our “Culture of Excellence” expectations.

The NPUSC enjoys a strong relationship with its communities and serves as a unifying entity for our population. The NPUSC values this relationship and works constantly to maintain and improve it. We appreciate the unity of our schools, families, and communities which ultimately benefits the learning opportunities for our students.

As you can see, pride, dedication, and sincere care for our students are fundamental traits of the New Prairie United School Corporation. It is a great place to learn and grow. Thank you for your interest and feel free to contact me with any questions or arrange a visit.
Dr. Paul White
New Prairie United School Corporation

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