***UPDATE*** September 1, 2021

Note-all statements in this plan related to the original NPUSC plan for quarantining close contacts changed per Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order July 29, 2021.  We are required to quarantine all close contacts of COVID-19 positive cases per this Executive Order at this time.

Please click here for the latest COVID-19 Protocol Updates

Daily in-person school attendance will return to a “back to normal” status for the most part when students return on August 11th.

Unvaccinated students/staff who are deemed in close contact with a COVID-positive individual must quarantine. Vaccinated individuals who either show proof of vaccination and/or are in the State database as being vaccinated do not quarantine UNLESS they show COVID symptoms after being in close contact with COVID positive individuals

  • Masks will be optional for students/staff at school; Masks on NPUSC school buses are required at this time due to Federal Mandate
  • Confirmed COVID positive students/staff must be isolated per the latest Health Department Guidance
  • Asymptomatic close contact may return on day eleven(11) wearing a mask on days 11-14
  • Asymptomatic close contact may return on day eight (8) with negative PCR on day five (5), six (6) or seven (7) wearing a mask on days 8-14
  • Asymptomatic close contact may return on day fifteen (15) to all prior activities without a mask
  • COVID Mitigation steps such as distancing at lunchtime, Mask Requirements, closed water fountains, etc. will be implemented if positive cases among students/staff reach 5% or more
  • NPUSC will not consider changing daily in-person attendance for a school until positive cases among students/staff in a school reach or are trending towards 10% to 15% or higher
  • An individual elementary classroom may take COVID mitigation steps such as a temporary mask requirement if one or more positive COVID cases exist within that classroom, or be temporarily placed on e-learning if that classroom has 4 or more COVID cases

I look forward to the coming school year.  Feel free to contact my office if you have any questions.

Paul White, PhD
NPUSC Superintendent

Executive Order

School Board Letter


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