March 29th Letter to Parents

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Dear NPUSC Families & Staff, 

This letter is a proactive communication to explain the situation NPUSC will be working with the week of March 29th.  NPUSC will be working to vaccinate, or complete the vaccination process, of over 150 employees for COVID-19 on March 29th.  The vaccination program is two-fold through the government’s recent push to vaccinate educators.  Around 100 employees will be receiving the second dose of a vaccine on March 29th at Penn High School.  Another 50 plus employees will be receiving the one dose vaccine option on March 29th on-site at NPUSC.<
The following steps are being taken by NPUSC to facilitate the vaccination process on March 29th and the days after to monitor vaccination symptoms of impacted employees: 

Monday-March 29th NPUSC Early Release 

NPUSC will operate under an Early Release Schedule on Monday, March 29th.  Listed below are the release times for each building.  This schedule will better facilitate employee vaccination schedules for this day.  After-School Programming at the Elementary level will be available as normal, beginning at the Early Release time of the school through normal pick-up times. 

NPUSC Early Release Times 3/29/21
NPMS- 12:30
NPHS – 12:45
Olive – 12:30
Rolling Prairie/Prairie View – 1:40

Tuesday & Wednesday, March 30th-31st 

  • NPUSC plans to continue with in-person learning on March 30-31 after the Monday vaccinations.  However, we will have to monitor post vaccination symptoms in our employees.  It is possible NPUSC may have to switch to an e-learning day if too many employees are having symptoms post-vaccination.  While contingency plans are being made, it is possible in a worst-case scenario that enough employees are impacted post-vaccination that NPUSC will not be able to provide adequate supervision for students 
  • Please have a family plan ready for March 30th and 31st in the event an e-learning day is called.  This will work similar to a day-of Weather Cancellation, but we will likely need a little more time.  NPUSC will strive to make-communicate the decision on going forward with in-person learning or e-learning on March 30-31 by 5:30 am CST each day 

NPUSC is striving to provide the safest in-person learning environment possible during the conclusion of the pandemic.  Your partnership and help working through the week of March 29th will be greatly appreciated for our students.  Please contact my office if you have questions. 

NPUSC 2nd Semester Attendance Plan

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NPUSC Families and Staff,

NPUSC has been working on updates to our second semester Attendance Plan after reviewing the latest guidance from the Indiana State Health Department, reviewing academic data, December survey data, and discussions internally.  Included in this email is a summary of our new Attendance Plan to begin February 1st, 2021.
Attached is the Indiana State Dept of Health Guidance from 12/15/20 that informed the updated plan and a more detailed document with rationale/details behind the Attendance Plan.

NPUSC COVID Update 11-12-2020

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Dear NPUSC Families & Staff,

Due to the number of positive cases/quarantines at NPHS & NPMS, continued increases in these numbers since Tuesday, and the number of secondary level students we are still awaiting COVID test results, the following Attendance Plan will be used the week of November 16th

  • New Prairie High School & New Prairie Middle School will be on E-Learning the Week of November 16th
  • NPUSC Elementary Schools will continue on the 50% Attendance Hybrid the Week of November 16th
  • Thanksgiving Week (Nov. 23-27) will be a full week break K-12, no E-Learning or Instruction will occur

NPUSC hopes to continue with at least the 50% Attendance Hybrid the Week of November 30th.  A follow up communication will be sent on November 25th.  NPUSC Elementary Schools will continue with 50% Attendance next week due to not having near as many cases/quarantines as the secondary schools and Orange status for LaPorte County.

E-Learning Week Expectations

Considerable planning has gone into making E-Learning more rigorous than last spring.  Students will be expected to engage in a combination of recorded lessons, live Zoom interaction with their teacher/class, and working independently.  Assignments will not have a common due date as teachers will have discretion on assignment due dates just as they do during in-person instruction.  Assessments may be given during E-Learning.  Please contact your students’ teachers and building admin if you experience wi-fi concerns.

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50% – 50% attendance extended

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Dear NPUSC Employees and Families,

This communication is follow up to the recently held August 24th NPUSC School Board Meeting.  At this meeting the NPUSC School Board of Trustees reviewed the latest COVID information in our community and region.  A report was also shared about the 50% Attendance Plan in NPUSC to this point.

At this meeting NPUSC decided to continue the 50% Attendance Plan until near the end of the 1st grading period, or October 9th.  NPUSC will review the situation in mid to late September and communicate our attendance plan beyond October 9th near the end of September.

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NPUSC Final Return To School Information for 20-21

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Dear NPUSC Family,

This communication is a follow up to the NPUSC School Board meeting held on July 27th.  At that time it was determined NPUSC would begin school on the 50% Attendance Option on Thursday, August 13th.  The local and regional COVID situation is being monitored daily.  The NPUSC School Board will be meeting in executive session on Thursday, August 6th, to evaluate data and information related to our health/safety plan for returning to school.  If we are in fact able to proceed with the 50% Attendance Option on August 13th as planned at this time, the included communication explains in detail how the plan will work.  Look for a follow-up communication late next week, thank you

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NPUSC buildings are Closed from March 16th through the end of the 2019 – 2020 school year

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Dear NPUSC Families & Staff,

Our nation is working through an unprecedented time with the COVID-19 situation. Disruptions to daily life, work, and educational programming have all been experienced for the betterment of our personal and collective health. NPUSC and school districts across the nation are doing what we can, within current guidelines, to provide educational programming through E-Learning platforms. Unfortunately, given the national health situation and state guidelines that exist with gatherings and social distancing, it will not be possible to replicate or provide some school programming. Spring sports and extra-curricular programming are one example.

This communication focuses on programming NPUSC typically provides this time of year outside of the classroom such as award ceremonies, prom, summer school, athletic camps, and related programming. Below is a summary of our current plans or decisions related to typical school programming that occurs in spring or early summer. Some of the plans related to summer programming may be subject to change depending on COVID-19 developments and guidelines.

Seniors & Graduation Requirements

Per the Indiana Department of Education guidance, seniors MUST participate in 160 days of instruction (including current E-Learning days) during this school year to be eligible for graduation. Specific questions related to credit concerns from before or during COVID-19 should be sent to Jen Sass at or 574-654-7271/219-778-2215.

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NPUSC Online Auction

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Online Auction: Thursday, June 6th 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (CST)

The New Prairie United School Corporation will be conducting an online auction to dispose of surplus furniture and technology items.

Please visit to view items including desks, chairs, stools, tables, interactive white boards, LCD projectors and more…

For more information, please call 574-654-7273 or 219-778-2814.

Item Inspection: Wednesday, June 5th  10:00 am to 4:00 pm (CST)
Will be held at New Prairie High School Auxiliary Gym.

Online Auction: Thursday, June 6th  7:00 am to 7:00 pm (CST)
Auction may be accessed through the above website.

Item Pick-up: Friday, June 7th  10:00 am to 4:00 pm (CST)

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