March 29th Letter to Parents

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Dear NPUSC Families & Staff, 

This letter is a proactive communication to explain the situation NPUSC will be working with the week of March 29th.  NPUSC will be working to vaccinate, or complete the vaccination process, of over 150 employees for COVID-19 on March 29th.  The vaccination program is two-fold through the government’s recent push to vaccinate educators.  Around 100 employees will be receiving the second dose of a vaccine on March 29th at Penn High School.  Another 50 plus employees will be receiving the one dose vaccine option on March 29th on-site at NPUSC.<
The following steps are being taken by NPUSC to facilitate the vaccination process on March 29th and the days after to monitor vaccination symptoms of impacted employees: 

Monday-March 29th NPUSC Early Release 

NPUSC will operate under an Early Release Schedule on Monday, March 29th.  Listed below are the release times for each building.  This schedule will better facilitate employee vaccination schedules for this day.  After-School Programming at the Elementary level will be available as normal, beginning at the Early Release time of the school through normal pick-up times. 

NPUSC Early Release Times 3/29/21
NPMS- 12:30
NPHS – 12:45
Olive – 12:30
Rolling Prairie/Prairie View – 1:40

Tuesday & Wednesday, March 30th-31st 

  • NPUSC plans to continue with in-person learning on March 30-31 after the Monday vaccinations.  However, we will have to monitor post vaccination symptoms in our employees.  It is possible NPUSC may have to switch to an e-learning day if too many employees are having symptoms post-vaccination.  While contingency plans are being made, it is possible in a worst-case scenario that enough employees are impacted post-vaccination that NPUSC will not be able to provide adequate supervision for students 
  • Please have a family plan ready for March 30th and 31st in the event an e-learning day is called.  This will work similar to a day-of Weather Cancellation, but we will likely need a little more time.  NPUSC will strive to make-communicate the decision on going forward with in-person learning or e-learning on March 30-31 by 5:30 am CST each day 

NPUSC is striving to provide the safest in-person learning environment possible during the conclusion of the pandemic.  Your partnership and help working through the week of March 29th will be greatly appreciated for our students.  Please contact my office if you have questions. 

Preventative Heart Screenings

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New Prairie definitely knows the importance of heart screenings for our youth (see the chart below).  Please keep promoting this to our community.  Also- heart screenings are not a one-and-done deal.  As youth grow and develop, problems can arise, but you do not know if you do not look.  Some recommend a screening every 2-3 years, some recommend every year. Go to to register your student.

Appointments are available for April and May.  This changes frequently as appointments are canceled and other spots are filled.

Ages 10-25 are eligible; screenings involve an EKG and an Echo; $20.

The screening done at NP in 2016 involved only an EKG.  Now the screenings include an EKG AND Echo.  The Echo is a screening tool that can detect the conditions that both Jake and Mark had.

The risk is real.  The solution is simple. Get screened!
Please share with family, friends, coaches, co-workers, etc.

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