NPUSC buildings are Closed from March 16th through the end of the 2019 – 2020 school year

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Dear NPUSC Families & Staff,

Our nation is working through an unprecedented time with the COVID-19 situation. Disruptions to daily life, work, and educational programming have all been experienced for the betterment of our personal and collective health. NPUSC and school districts across the nation are doing what we can, within current guidelines, to provide educational programming through E-Learning platforms. Unfortunately, given the national health situation and state guidelines that exist with gatherings and social distancing, it will not be possible to replicate or provide some school programming. Spring sports and extra-curricular programming are one example.

This communication focuses on programming NPUSC typically provides this time of year outside of the classroom such as award ceremonies, prom, summer school, athletic camps, and related programming. Below is a summary of our current plans or decisions related to typical school programming that occurs in spring or early summer. Some of the plans related to summer programming may be subject to change depending on COVID-19 developments and guidelines.

Seniors & Graduation Requirements

Per the Indiana Department of Education guidance, seniors MUST participate in 160 days of instruction (including current E-Learning days) during this school year to be eligible for graduation. Specific questions related to credit concerns from before or during COVID-19 should be sent to Jen Sass at or 574-654-7271/219-778-2215.

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