Important Transportation Notice

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Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, there will be changes made to the NPUSC transportation procedures. These changes have been made in the interest of keeping our students safe. Each student may have one morning pick up location and one afternoon drop off location. These locations need to be on file with the school office.   Please remember that all stops must be a residence within the boundaries of the New Prairie United School Corporation. Transportation to and from the YMCA Latchkey program held at Rolling Prairie Elementary will still be allowed as will transportation between NPUSC School buildings. Bus transportation changes (pass/notes) will no longer be accepted. It is in the interest of keeping our students safe that we can no longer accommodate complex schedules involving multiple stops

NPUSC Early Release Days

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September 28th, 2017

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),

During the 2017-2018 school year, the New Prairie United School Corporation will be participating in early release days. Our goal with the afternoon early release days is to be able to provide our teaching staff with professional development opportunities to better support our students within the educational setting. Many schools in our area and throughout the state participate in a similar concept and NPUSC is excited to provide this professional development model during the school year. The Indiana Department of Education allows each school a specific amount of instructional minutes that may be allocated for early release times and this varies between secondary and elementary schools. Below is additional information regarding these early release days.

What days will the students be dismissed early in the afternoon?

Monday, October 9th

Tuesday, November 7th

Wednesday, December 6th

Thursday, January 18th

Friday, February 16th

What time will each school release students during these specific days?

Olive Elementary             1:05 pm

NP Middle School            1:23 pm

NP High School               1:35 pm

Prairie View Elem.           2:25 pm

Rolling Prairie Elem.        2:25 pm

Will transportation be impacted on early release days?

Yes, the buses will be taking students home at the early release times and afternoon drop off times will be adjusted. If you transportation details regarding the specific afternoon drop off time on the early release days. You may also contact Bruce Lasley at the transportation department at (574) 654-7373 if you have any additional questions.

Will the after school 21st Century Club still be operating on early release days?

Yes, the 21st Century after school program (Bobcat Club, Bulldog Club, Tiger Time, and the MS after school club) will be operating for K-8th grade students but will begin at the earlier release time at each school. The end time and drop off location time for each one of these clubs will remain the same. There will still be a snack given to each student and we will provide a couple of additional breaks to accommodate the longer amount of time the students are there. If you would prefer for your child not to attend club that day, please let your building site coordinator know.

Will there still be the YMCA Latchkey Program on early release days?

Yes, the Latchkey Program will still operate as usual on the early release days. However, the afternoon times will be adjusted to drop students off at Rolling Prairie at the early release times listed above. The end time of the program will remain the same. If you have any questions regarding the Latchkey Program on those days, please contact Sandy Stefanko (219) 325-9622 and she will be able to answer any additional questions.

Will other after school activities still take place on the early release days?

Yes, all after school activities such as band, academic clubs, sports, etc. will still take place sometime in the evening or after school. You may contact your student’s coach or sponsor for additional questions, details, and adjusted schedule.

What if there is a 2 hour delay on an Early Release Day?

In order to count the instructional day on the school calendar, NPUSC can only use an early release OR a two hour delay. NPUSC cannot combine both of these on the same instructional day. If a two-hour delay should occur on an early release day, then NPUSC will have to cancel the early release and normal dismissal times would occur. NPUSC will notify parents of this change through phone, text, and email if this should transpire.

*If you have any questions regarding these early release days, you may contact your building principal or Dr. Carrie Cannon, Assistant Superintendent at (574) 654-7273.

NPUSC Flex Day

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August 31st, 2017

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The New Prairie United School Corporation will continue implementing virtual “eLearning” initiatives for all students throughout the district during the 2017-2018 school year. The goal of this initiative is to provide students with instruction that enhances the skills needed to succeed in a technological world. Last school year, NPUSC conducted a survey concerning the continuation of a virtual learning option, and 70% of parents wanted to continue using this method of learning within our school district. On Friday, September 15th, students will engage in virtual learning during the one and only Flex Day. In the past, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) required that schools host a school site for students to utilize WIFI access. However, the IDOE is not requiring districts to have an open school site during the 2017-2018 school year. NPUSC has decided not to open a school site due to the low number of students who attended last year. Below are answers to various questions that have been asked in the past concerning eLearning and Flex Days. If you have any questions on the Flex Days or the eLearning format, you may contact your student’s building principal or Dr. Carrie Cannon at 574-654-7273 or 

Flex and eLearning FAQs

What is the difference between a Flex Day and an eLearning Inclement Weather Day?

  • Flex Day:  Teachers report to their school building for Professional Development and students are provided with an virtual eLearning format.
  • eLearning Inclement Weather Day: Neither teachers nor students will report to school due to inclement weather. The first two inclement weather days in the NPUSC calendar will be a traditional “call off” and no eLearning will take place.  The 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th weather cancellation day would be then utilized for an eLearning inclement weather day.  We would not have an eLearning day if there were a State of Emergency established within our community.

Why did NPUSC pursue the idea of eLearning days? 

  • NPUSC is providing eLearning days to allow students the opportunity to engage educationally outside of the traditional school day. This will amplify the success of the district’s ongoing 1:1 digital learning initiative by furthering our commitment in providing the best educational opportunities for all students at NPUSC.

How are teachers and/or schools preparing for our first Flex Days?

  • Each school will practice, correspond, and work with students/parents to carry out each building’s instructional initiatives on a Flex or eLearning Day.

What can you expect for Students on a Flex or eLearning Day?

  • Students may begin working on their assignments and/or virtual tasks starting at 8:00am and teachers will be available to correspond, support, and discuss any questions until 3:00pm.
  • Teachers will be using Google Classroom (K-4) and Schoology (5th-12th) to correspond with students regarding their assignments/tasks throughout the Flex Day.

What type of instructional content and classwork is expected on a virtual option day?

  • K-1st grade students will be task focused and given technology links to work on skills and standards while using Google Classroom.
  • Grades 2nd-4th will incorporate technology submitted work that focuses on skills and standards while using Google Classroom.
  • 5th grade will use Schoology and app based platforms to meet grade level skills and standards.
  • Grades 6th-12th will continue to use Schoology to distribute, discuss, and upload assignments.
  • Every student will receive grade level appropriate assignments/tasks from their elective and/or specials teachers they would normally meet with on that scheduled day.

How much time per class will teachers assign? 

  • As a general guideline…
    • Elementary students would have approximately 2-3 hours of assignments including specials and support classes.
    • Secondary students would have approximately 3-4 hours of assignments including specials and support classes.

What if a student is unable to connect to the Internet? 

  • We are aware that not all students have Internet access at home. If for some reason your child cannot access WIFI, there will be a two school day grace period given to make up their work.  This would allow students without Internet connection to have the opportunity to complete work and/or make arrangements to utilize free wireless Internet within our community or any of our NPUSC school buildings. There are also many local establishments that offer complimentary WIFI services, including the New Carlisle Public Library.

How will attendance be tracked?

  • The IDOE requires we take student attendance on the Flex and eLearning Days. Students have to correspond to each of their teachers. They will have until midnight of the eLearning/Flex day in order to being counted present for the school day. We highly suggest that they correspond to their teacher(s) during the 8:00am-3:00pm time slot, but it is not required. Completing assignments are not part of attendance. Students only have to correspond with their teacher to receive attendance for the day.
  • Teachers are only expected to communicate with their students from 8:00am-3:00pm on the the eLearning/Flex Days.
  • Students who do not have WIFI access or need extra time to make up their work will have 2 school days to complete all virtual assignments. Weekend days do not count for the 2 make up days. If students do not turn in their assignments and/or complete their assigned task within the 2 days, then the individual teacher homework policy will go into effect. All correspondence will be completed within Google Classroom (K-4) or Schoology (5th-12th).

What if a student does not have their iPad at home during an eLearning day?

  • If a student has another electronic device (computer, cell phone, kindle, etc.)  at home, they may use that to log into either Google Classroom or Schoology to communicate with their teachers.

Will eLearning days impact any after school events/activities? 

  • Scheduled Flex Days will not impact after school events/activities, however the activities will begin after 3:00pm on those scheduled days.  An inclement eLearning day may or may not be impacted and will be determined on that particular day.

What if my child participates in AK Smith classes?

  • Buses will run as usual for AK Smith students and they are expected to attend the onsite classes in Michigan City.  In the afternoon, students will be able to login into their PM classes through Schoology and correspond with their NPUSC teachers.

How will we accommodate students with  IEPs and ILPs in a virtual option?

  • Our school corporation has worked closely with our corresponding special education cooperative as well as our ELL Coordinator.  Here are the steps in place to support our special education students. These steps are aligned directly from the IDOE guidance for virtual learning.
  • In these instances, assistance will be given to meet needs and IEP and ILP goals.
  • Teacher of record will make contact with the students and classroom teachers on virtual learning days.
  • Students will be contacted in the morning to inform them concerning accommodations and modifications about the assignments.
  • Any service minutes missed due to eLearning/Flex Day will be addressed on an individual basis.

What if my student needs technical support during a Flex Day?

To help accommodate students with any technical challenges or questions, we will have hotline support systems open from 8:00am-3:00pm for each one of our school buildings. These questions and/or challenges should be technical, not instructional. All instructional questions should be directed to your student’s teacher(s). *Please note, technical support will take a lunch break sometime throughout the virtual learning day.

  • Olive Elementary — 574-654-0427 or 219-778-1491
  • Prairie View Elementary — 219-778-1485 or 574-654-0496
  • Rolling Prairie Elementary — 219-778-1436 or 574-654-0497
  • NP Middle School — 574-654-0468 or 219-778-1445
  • NP High School — 574-654-0469 or 219-778-1496

NPUSC School Safety Update

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Letterhead top

February 20, 2018

Dear NPUSC Families:

In light of the recent tragic events in Parkland, Florida, NPUSC is engaging in a variety of steps and activities to review where we are with school safety and look to do even more to provide the safest environment possible for our students.

Many have noted that in the recent past NPUSC has taken steps to improve school safety such as adding a School Resource Officer and ensuring all our Elementary schools have secure main entries.  While there may be no full proof plan, NPUSC is committed to taking even more steps to improve our safety plan for students.  In early March, NPUSC will be participating in a LaPorte County Safety Commission meeting to collaborate with local law enforcement and area school districts on what else can be done to be pro-active for student safety.

Also, the NPUSC District Safety Team has recently met and will continue to meet throughout this semester.  Additional safety features are being implemented or researched related to: visitor check-in, additional communications in the event of a crisis situation, additional training for teachers & students on the latest thinking in preventative measures or reacting to a crisis situation, additional ways to restrict access to< classrooms/student areas for unwanted visitors, and identification or pre-assessment of potential safety risks.

While it is not best practice to publicly share all details of a school safety plan, NPUSC will be holding a school board work session March 12th at 7 pm CST at the Middle School LGI Room to publicly discuss many of the additional steps being considered to enhance our district and building safety plans.

Finally, we embrace the responsibility we have to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for students and staff.  We look forward to working with our school community to implement additional improvements to maintain a safe learning environment for our students.


Paul White signature

Paul White, PhD

Superintendent, New Prairie United Schools

Letterhead footer


Press Release LaPorte County Safety Commission

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The LaPorte County Safety Commission, a collaborative meeting of all LaPorte County School Superintendents & School Safety Specialists, the LaPorte County Sheriff & Department School Resource Officers, LaPorte City Police, Michigan City Police, the LaPorte County Prosecutor & LaPorte Superior Court #1 Judge, local school attorney William Kaminski, and LaPorte County Fire Officials met February 28th at the LaPorte Educational Services Center.  This commission has been in existence since 2013.

The purpose of the meeting was to share best practices regarding school safety, particularly considering the recent tragic events in Parkland, Florida, as well as the latest trends effecting teens in the areas of substance abuse/mental health.  The commission shared information and approaches related to the latest thinking in preparation and response to a worst-case scenario Active Shooter situation.  The commission discussed the importance of situational awareness for staff and students both before and during crisis events and adoption of additional prevention and response measures.  Focus was placed on additional school response plans so responders can know what to expect if they are called to respond to a crisis at one of our LaPorte county schools.

Also, the commission reviewed plans for a pro-active program that has been planned for months for LaPorte County parents, educators, and law enforcement.  The commission will be presenting a program with national law enforcement expert Jermaine Galloway, known as “Tall Cop”.

Officer Galloway will present “High in Plain Sight,” a presentation on warning signs and indicators of teen substance abuse.  This event will be held March 20 at the LaPorte Civic Auditorium from 6:30-8 pm CST and is FREE to the public.  Parents of LaPorte County school students are encouraged to attend.

Mark Francesconi, Superintendent of LaPorte Community Schools stated the following about the commission’s work, “Our meeting with the commission members was productive.   It will be important that we commit to additional meeting dates throughout the year to assure that the members are all in agreement as to how schools work with the authorities to prevent crisis, respond to crisis, and recover from crisis.”

Dr. Paul White, New Prairie United Superintendent and current commission chair added, “We are excited about the Tall Cop Speaking Event.  Officer Galloway is a renowned national speaker on warning signs of substance abuse.  School safety is not just about preparing for a worst-case scenario, but also emphasizing prevention.  As a commission, we want to do more to promote prevention, and the Tall Cop event is a step in that direction.  It is a free event to the public and we hope families will join us for a great night of information.”

The commission will be meeting again later this spring.


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Per Indiana Code 20-26-12-3 (below), NPUSC is offering surplus textbooks and materials to members of the school community.  The NPUSC Board approved such disposal at its May 29th meeting.  Parents of NP students are eligible to receive one copy of each listed textbook/material up until July 1st; after that, any resident of the NP Corporation may receive the same.  Any textbooks/materials remaining after September 5th, 2018, will be disposed of as the Corporation sees fit. Click Here to see the list of textbooks/material.

Questions?  Please contact your building principals.

IC 20-26-12-3

Obsolete curricular material; conveyance; distribution to parents or residents; storage

Sec. 3. (a) Upon a written determination by the governing body of a school corporation that curricular materials are no longer scheduled for use in the school corporation, the governing body may sell, exchange, transfer, or otherwise convey the curricular materials.  However, before a governing body may mutilate or otherwise destroy curricular materials, the governing body must first comply with the following provisions:

(1) Subsection (b).

(2) Subsection (c).

(3) Section 4 of this chapter.

(4) Section 5 of this chapter.

(b) Before a governing body may mutilate or otherwise destroy curricular materials, the governing body shall provide at no cost and subject to availability one (1) copy of any curricular material that is no longer scheduled for use in the school corporation to:

(1) the parent of each student who is enrolled in the school corporation and who wishes to receive a copy of the curricular material; and

(2) if any curricular materials remain after distribution under subdivision (1), to any resident of the school corporation who wishes to receive a copy of the curricular material.

(c) If a governing body does not sell, exchange, transfer, or otherwise convey unused curricular materials under subsection (a) or (b), each public elementary and secondary school in the governing body’s school corporation shall provide storage for at least three (3) months for the curricular materials in the school corporation. A school corporation may sell or otherwise convey the curricular materials to another school corporation at any time during the period of storage.

As added by P.L.1-2005, SEC.10. Amended by P.L.286-2013, SEC.62.

NPUSC Earns College Board Recognition

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The College Board has named New Prairie United School Corporation to the Advanced Placement (AP) District Honor Roll..

New Prairie is one of 477 districts in the United States and Canada to earn this designation, recognizing our efforts to increase AP enrollment while maintaining or improving the percentage of students earning qualifying scores of 3 or higher on AP exams.

Indiana Department of Education data shows New Prairie as a corporation with a 10% or more gain in AP exams with a score of 3 or higher over the last 5 years. The US 5-year change is 3.3%, and the Indiana 5-year change is 5.9%


To support our students’ AP success, NPUSC has partnered with Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program for Indiana, whose goal is to improve college and career readiness for Indiana students. To increase access to AP classes, New Prairie has added more AP classes at the high school. To prepare students earlier for the rigors of AP coursework, NP has brought Pre-AP courses to the middle school.

At New Prairie, we are proud of vision, commitment, and efforts of administrators and teachers to support student success. Most importantly, we are proud of our students’ hard work in their rigorous AP coursework, and we are thankful to their families who have supported their efforts along the way.


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Welcome to the New Prairie United School Corporation Website. Your interest in the NPUSC is welcomed and appreciated. All functions of our school corporation are driven by a “Culture of Excellence” expectation as we strive daily to effectively serve the students, families, and various stakeholders of our school community. We are also proud of our standing as a high – performing district. 

    Our students learn from a highly – dedicated instructional staff which is supported by effective technology tools. This learning climate provides the students of the NPUSC with an enhanced opportunity to reach their highest level of potential and ultimately prepare themselves to serve society as productive citizens. This exceptional learning environment is also bolstered by a strong force of support personnel whose objective is to maintain the cleanliness, infrastructure, and safety of the NPUSC. Our entire corporation staff is focused and driven by our “Culture of Excellence” expectations.

    The NPUSC enjoys a strong relationship with its communities and serves as a unifying entity for our population. The NPUSC values this relationship and works constantly to maintain and improve it. We appreciate the unity of our schools, families, and communities which ultimately benefits the learning opportunities for our students.

As you can see, pride, dedication, and sincere care for our students are fundamental traits of the New Prairie United School Corporation. It is a great place to learn and grow. Thank you for your interest and feel free to contact me with any questions or arrange a visit.

Dr. Paul White
New Prairie United School Corporation


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New Prairie United Schools is proud to announce the hiring of Ben Bachmann as Director of Athletics for New Prairie High School, beginning July 2018.  Mr. Bachmann, currently serving as Athletic Director at Hanover Central High School, brings a rich background of experiences to lead New Prairie High School Athletics.  Mr. Bachmann is a 1993 graduate of Michigan City Elston High School, where he was a multi-sport athlete in cross country, basketball, and baseball.

Mr. Bachmann competed as a pitcher at the college level, earning All-American honors at Kankakee Community College, then finished at Division II Lewis University where he earned Academic All-Conference Honors.  Mr. Bachmann  then began a 15 year college coaching career in baseball which included serving as pitching coach and/or recruiting coordinator at Lynn University, the University of Maryland for five years, Miami University (OH) for seven years, and finally at the University of Evansville.  Returning closer to home in 2013 Mr. Bachmann has served in high school athletics administration for five years, most recently at Hanover Central.

Mr. Bachmann holds a Masters degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Athletics Administration.  He has also earned credentialing as a Certified Athletic Administrator by the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, and has presented for both the Indiana High School Athletic Association and Indiana Interscholastic Administrators Association.  In the past five years Mr. Bachmann has quickly earned a strong reputation for athletics administration with emphasis in marketing programs through use of social media and websites, generating revenue, oversight of coaches and athletic facilities, and sharing his experience as a fifteen-year college level coach to mentor and advise aspiring high school athletes wanting to compete at the next level.

Regarding the opportunity to join the New Prairie High School administration, Mr. Bachmann stated, “I would like to thank Dr. White, the NPUSC School Board of Trustees, Mrs. Sass and the interview committee members for this opportunity.  The New Prairie United School Corporation has an excellent reputation.  My family and I are excited and fortunate to become members of the community.  I’m looking forward to working with the coaches, staff and student-athletes at New Prairie to help further our success in both the academic and athletic classrooms.”

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